19 Jul 2007

Camera Housing Maintenance

Housing Maintenance

"Maintenance of Ikelite Housings

Housing Assembly:

The general rule for all housings with multiple lid snaps is opposite snaps MUST be fastened simultaneously. Check that the cover is completely into the housing body with the 'O' ring touching everywhere before fastening the lid snaps. Most of our housings allow you to see that the 'O' ring is sealing as the snaps are fastened because the 'O' ring will show a blacker compression area around the entire face of the housing if properly sealed.

Housing 'O' Rings:

The port 'O' ring of our SLR housings will need a very slight film of lubricant to assure proper installation, but we recommend no lubricant on most of our housing 'O' rings. Please note that some lubricants may cause the Ikelite 'O' rings to soften and swell in size. A good quality silicone grease should be fine, or use genuine Ikelite lubricant to be sure.

The lubricant may be used to clean the 'O' rings, but most of it should then be wiped off. Be careful to not stretch the 'O' ring while pulling it between your fingers when cleaning.

Housing Controls:

Check the knob set screws occasionally to be sure they are tight, but do not over tighten. A very light film of lubricant should be placed on the shafts every few dives or every week of a vacation, then rotate the shaft while moving it in"

Housing Maintenance