8 Jul 2009

DiveAlert Plus - Above & Below the Water Signaling!

DiveAlert Plus
Surface and Sub-Surface Signaling Device

The Newest Dimension in Scuba Diving Safety

Responding to customer demand Ideations, Inc. has created the first true surface and sub-surface diver signaling device.

Traditionally, SCUBA divers have relied on whistles as their only audible surface signaling device. But, if a diver is disabled and can’t blow into the whistle, the whistle makes no sound at all. Equally frustrating and dangerous, if a diver needs to attract the attention of someone who is too far away to hear the whistle, the whistle is of no help.

Or, what would you do if you wanted the attention of your dive buddy, for whatever reason, and he was simply distracted and not paying attention to you at that very moment? Traditionally, you would be forced to swim up to him or her until you got their attention.

In contrast, DiveAlert Plus enables divers at the mere touch of a button to generate a loud blast of sound on the surface that can be heard up to a mile away! Or, by switching the DiveAlert Plus diverter valve for Subsurface signaling the diver can now signal for his dive buddy’s attention underwater!

Download a Product Flyer (.pdf format)

DiveAlert Plus - Above & Below the Water Signaling!


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