18 Aug 2006

Is that it?

Weather still yuk, so still unable to write lyrically about the joys of the underwater world. Although I could write about all the previous dives in good weather.Meanwhile have recieved one comment asking if I'd like to view full frontal nudes. Is that it?

17 Aug 2006

Gettting tricky

So, I've managed to blog one line about bugger all, I've had a comment which i can't work out if it came through or not and the weather is still awful. Life changing stuff. Had some nice chicken for lunch, though.

15 Aug 2006

My first ever post, or, what the hell am I doing?

Confused and bewildered by the mass proliferation of blogging I have decided to find out if anybody is the slightest bit interested in scuba diving on Fijis Coral Coast.

Are you?