16 Mar 2010

The Waiting Game

We are currently playing the waiting game at Diveaway Fiji. Hurricane Tomas is on it's way, currently over the northern islands of Fiji and upgraded to a category 4 hurricane overnight – the worst Fiji has seen since the early 70s. I am in the capital Suva at the moment, and we have had a curfew imposed, if you are out on the streets you get locked up!!

Diveaway's boats have been out the water since Friday when Alex, with his extra sensory cyclone tracking abilities, saw the low pressure system develop into a cyclone and turn this way. Epi and Salo got the boats to safe water (hopefully) and moored them up in the mangroves, and all staff are making their homes secure. It's starting to get windy, but doesn't feel any different yet to a crappy day, I guess I won't be saying that by 6pm tonight! The December cyclone was bad enough, and that was only a category 2.

Radio weather bulletins report 'phenomenal seas' at the cyclone centre – I dread to think! We just have to sit and wait now and hope that the worst of the weather is out to sea, that damage is minimal and that as many people in Fiji as possible are safe and sound. And fingers crossed for our marine environment too....