7 Oct 2008

Donate to CORAL Today and Receive the 2009 CORAL Calendar | Coral Reef Alliance

2009 CORAL Calendar
Featuring twelve months of beautiful underwater photography, the 2009 CORAL calendar is our best one yet. We’ve got dueling Blue Ribbon Eels in January, an inquisitive Hawksbill Turtle in March, a thumbnail-sized Pygmy Seahorse in August, and a shockingly colorful Nudibranch in December.

Each month features an informative eco-tip to help you save coral reefs no matter where you live. And we've included details about CORAL's conservation work at our seven project sites around the world—including photographs of the local community members and partners that your generous donations support.

When you donate $35 or more to CORAL, we'll send you the 2009 CORAL calendar. If you would like to receive additional calendars to give as gifts to your friends or family members, please donate an additional $15 per calendar. Enter the total amount of your donation in the Donation Amount box and enter the total quantity of calendars you desire in the Total Number of Calendars box.
If you donate: We'll send you up to [X] calendar(s):
$35 [1]
$50 ($35 + $15) [2]
$65 ($35 + $15 + $15) [3]
$80 ($35 + $15 + $15 + $15) [4]
And so on...
If you would prefer to donate without receiving a calendar, simply enter "0" in the Total Number of Calendars box.
Blue Ribbon Eels
January CORAL Calendar
You can donate to receive as many copies of the calendar as you want while supplies last. To ensure that you receive your calendar(s) in time for holiday giving, please donate on or before December 1. And note that if you donate to receive five or more calendars, allow up to two weeks for delivery.
In order to save paper and ensure that more of your donations go directly to protecting coral reefs, we have only printed a limited number of calendars this year. We will stop shipping calendars when supplies run out. Please send your contribution right away to reserve your calendar(s) and to help protect the planet's coral reefs.

If you have any questions about donating to CORAL, please contact our membership department by email or by calling (415) 834-0900 x306.
Please donate now—and thank you for helping CORAL protect coral reefs.

Donate to CORAL Today and Receive the 2009 CORAL Calendar | Coral Reef Alliance