12 Mar 2008

FVB Dive ME Guide

Look at the FVB Dive ME Guide here:
Here you will find an "e-brochure" about Fiji diving and it's awesome!

“Any country with coral reefs like this has a national treasure that should be protected. Fiji is on of the lucky countries.”
Roger Steene: Author, photographer and marine naturalist.

“We dropped into the blue and descended to a sandy ledge at 100ft where a hammerhead shark was sighted. Schools of barracuda and jack inhabit the channel where a large coral pinnacle is washed by 100ft plus visibility. From bottom to top there were intense pockets of filter feeders: crinoids, giant gorgonian fans, black coral, and massive soft coral trees. The diving is timed to hit enough current to engorge the soft corals and cluster the fish together. That’s what makes these reefs so vibrant and alive.”
Stephen Frink: professional underwater photographer.

10 Mar 2008

Liquid Motion Film Announce Revolutionary New Series

In association with the worlds leading Research Scientists, from Internationally Acclaimed, Award Winning Filmmakers Liquid Motion Film comes ‘WATER COLOURS’ - a pioneering journey of underwater discovery bringing a revolutionary understanding of the language of the fish...

For years, man has sought the meaning of the fishes’ incredible colours. He’s never truly understood, because he’s always looked through human eyes. At the forefront of Marine Science this sensational premiere unravels the mystery of underwater colour, by looking ‘through the fishes eyes’.

Screening worldwide, earning highest Awards, series ‘teasers’ ‘FISHEYE FANTASEA’, ‘BEYOND THE BLUE’ and ‘COLOUR TALKS’ are taking Film Festivals by storm. ‘MERIT OF EXCELLENCE’, ‘SILVER MEDAL’, ‘1st PRIZE’ & several times ‘BEST FILM’ winner ‘Fisheye Fantasea’ is followed by ‘Beyond The Blue’, a fluorescence special which immediately scooped ’SPECIAL JURY AWARD’ in Belgrade, followed by ‘FIRST PRIZE’, ‘BEST FILM’ in Moscow and ‘BEST FILM’ in Italy this week. The films are Nominated for Awards in Japan, France, USA and the UK.

Featuring mesmerizing cinematography, sensational behaviour and phenomena new to science, forcing us to forever rethink our relationship with the oceans creatures, ’WATER COLOURS’ brings the groundbreaking revelation that ‘colour is the cryptic language of fish’... and the most intimate understanding of marine animals yet.

At the forefront of marine science, LIQUID MOTION FILM: Marine animals, as they really are.

Liquid Motion Film is co-owned by Award-Winning Director-Producer team Guy and Anita Chaumette, whose backgrounds span from Cinematography, prestigious photographic schools in Paris, international degrees and diplomas in multiple languages and Photo-Journalism in South East Asia to computer editing, graphic design, International Marketing, Marine Science and a profound passion for the work of the leading Marine Research Scientists, whose dedication to marine animals parallels their own... Guy and Anita have lived and worked in Fiji for the past 3 years.

Source: liquidmotionfilm.com