18 Apr 2007

Humpbacks in Fiji

Humpback whale spotted by the Tui TaiGreat write up from Gavin at Dive The World Blog cos we're seeing humpbacks along the Coral Coast as well...

"Over the last few months, guests on the Tui Tai Adventure Cruises have been treated on several occasions to the sight of humpback whales around the boat. They have even been able to dive in and swim with the whales! In 2003, the government of Fiji declared a 360km "exclusive economic zone" around the Koro Sea a whale sanctuary ensuring free passage for whales through Fiji's waters. Humpbacks migrate every winter from Antarctica to the South Pacific to mate and give birth.

Back in the 19th century, thousands of whales were killed around Fiji, and indeed the town of Levuka was founded as a whaling station. It seems that thanks to whaling regulations and now the declaration of this special zone, visitors to Fiji have the chance to see whales again."