11 Jul 2007

Moon Handbooks Fiji

If you want to travel to any of the 322 islands in the Fiji archipelago, Moon Handbooks Fiji has everything you need.

From coverage of Fiji's top-rated resorts to the newest adventure tourism facilities and little-known backpacker areas, travelers of all interests will find the destination to suit them.

This guidebook includes vivid descriptions of the islands' dazzling beaches, rainforests, and reefs, with a special focus on scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, rafting, kayaking, hiking, bicycling, and golf.

Complete with practical essentials, including photographs, illustrations, and 53 easy-to-use maps and transportation tips for island hopping by sea or air, Moon Handbooks Fiji is the guide for a uniquely personal travel experience.


user said...

The 8th edition of Moon Fiji will be published in September 2007. Diveaway Fiji is listed on page 87. To find the new edition at Amazon.com search for the ISBN 1566919827.

stuartinfiji said...

Thanks David,

Much obliged, will update Amazon link when it comes online